Integrate Security & Compliance Across your Workspace & Reduce Risk

Our teams have expertise across the security landscape:

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    Identity Security

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    Threat Protection

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    Data Protection

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    Security Management & Planning

Wherever you are on your security journey, be it initial implementation and integration of technology such as the Microsoft EMS, Windows 10, Office 365 and Azure, to refining your existing security landscape and processes, Catapult has a solution for you.

Read our Security Assessment and create a roadmap for your Office 365 security journey.

And, since security management can be overwhelming, Catapult also offers a turnkey solution to simplify IT security and compliance:

Spyglass: Aligns security requirements with best-in-class technology, provides expert deployment, and creates a centralized view of your entire security landscape. A dedicated security coach proactively manages your environment, helping you continuously improve your security and compliance.

Security Assessments

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    0365 Security Assessment

    Understand your Office 365 environment and how the tools you already own could improve your security posture, and potentially, reduce redundant and expensive point solutions.

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    Cloud Security Assessment

    Review your cloud infrastructure and tooling to identify risks and gaps, as well as identify opportunities to quickly improve the security of your environments.

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    GDPR Assessment

    Understand how your current environment supports GDPR compliance and improve infrastructure and plans to reduce corporate risk.

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