Modern Workplace

Providing Employees with Modern Tools & Flexibility Results in Higher Engagement & Productivity

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Companies need to provide a more dynamic environment to their employees that better meets their expectations of the new ways to work. Nearly half of all employees now work remotely at some point in their work week, creating challenges and opportunities for collaboration, communication and engagement across a rapidly changing workforce

Read our eGuide and learn why it’s imperative to digitize your workplace and learn how to get started.

Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace experts can:

  • Provide strategy and roadmaps for creating a modern workplace
  • Integrate and implement all necessary technology to empower employees
  • Provide ongoing support for technology & modern desktop
  • Implement a modern intranet to enable collaboration & employee engagement.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Work gets done in the modern workplace in teams: ad hoc teams, long-term teams, and quickly changing teams. Thee teams form to resolve problems and are empowered to collaborate across geographies and organizational structures. To maximize employee productivity and job satisfaction, you need to ensure there are seamless tools in place for communion, from real-time idea exchange to conversations and mobile file exchanges.

To enable teamwork and collaboration, Catapult created FUSE: a modern intranet solution connecting people and information, supported by a dedicated customer success manager wo owns your success.


Strategy & Managing Change

The success of adopting a modern workplace hinges on your strategy for managing change and adoption across your customer base. Simply implementing technology will not create a modern workplace. You need to take a step back and look at HOW you are working and consider what you can be doing differently. It is also critical to help employees understand the change, educate them on new processes, in order to truly reap the rewards of a new workplace.

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Read why it’s imperative to digitize your workplace and learn how to get started.

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Whether you’re looking for a multi-cloud strategy or need one platform, we devise a strategy just for you.

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